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D65 Lightroom Keywords

Keyword List for Lightroom

Keyword List for Lightroom


D-65's keyword list contains over 8600 keywords in a hierarchial order to allow you to easily keyword your images within Lightroom.



Attached are the D65 Keywords in a text (.txt) file. The list may not be transferred to any third party. It can be used run on 2 computers per user.

Steps for Install:

1) After download and install, the file will be placed into your Downloads folder. Drag the file to your Desktop. The keywords are in a text file. The file is called: D65_Lightroom_Keywords.txt

2) Open Lightroom and go to the Library Module

3) In the Library Module, go to the Metadata Menu and drop down to Import Keywords

4) The Import Keywords window will appear

5) Select the file we sent you called d65_lightroom_keywords.txt (it should be on your desktop if the file unzips to your desktop)

6) Click Choose

7) You will see a message that Lightroom is importing the keywords and it might take a few minutes.

8) When it is done, you will see the keywords appear under the Keywords Panel.

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