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Canvas Wrap

Creates a border for canvas wrap prints in Photoshop

Creates a border for canvas wrap prints in Photoshop

This product runs a script which extends images for canvas wrap prints. The script has a UI to allow you to set the size for the borders. You can edit the script to turn off the UI, so that it can be used in a batch of prints. Right now there is no localization - English only, but it should work on any computer and OS.



This is a simple script to extend the image to for-canvas wrap printing. This is the first version and the alerts and the UI is in English only, but should work on any computer. The user can edit the file to customize it, so the UI does not need to be used. To do so open the file in a text editor and make the changes:

flat = false does not flatten the image

size = change the default size of the border (set at 1.5 inches)

useInch = true will use inches, false will use cm.

showUI = true will show the UI. false will run script without the UI, so it can be used in batch processing.

The script should appear in the Presets\Scripts subfolder of Photoshop. To launch the script, go to the main menu in Photoshop and select File>Scripts>Canvas wrap.

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