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Musegrid Google Analytics

Easily add Google analytics tracking code to your site.

Easily add Google analytics tracking code to your site.

The Musegrid Google Analytics tool allows you to easily and safely add Google analytics tracking code to your website.

You will need to have a Google analytics account and your tracking ID number for this to work.

The intention of the tool is to allow you to add the correct Google tracking code to your website but does not open an analytics account for you.

Just drag the item, your master pages (place it at the top and out of the content area), enter you Google tracking code ID number, and you're done.

Once the site has been uploaded your site will be tracked with Google analytics. Easy.



Updated code for Google Universal Analytics and hotlinks to video tutorials.

The zip file will after installation get copied into your Downloads folder.

This widget is a .muslib file. If you have Adobe Muse 7 or above installed double clicking on the file will open Muse and install the widget.

Once installed you will find the items in the “Library” panel in the Muse design view.
With the library item folder open drag the items onto you design and you are 
ready to go.

The library item will also install a set of colour chips and Graphic, Paragraph and possibly Character styles depending on which widget this is.

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