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Image Place Holder Lite

Image place holder wire frame tool

Image place holder wire frame tool

When you are building a new site, you may not have all the images you need, so you can use this simple Image Place Holder on the page to enable you to get your layouts complete. Once you have all the images you need, you can either swap them out or use the fill options to replace the background image content. Brought to you by museGrid.com.



Complete new interface and many new controls including 4 x Image Modes, multi-langauge support and hotline to tutorials.

Muse R8 Only.

The zip file will after installation get copied into your Downloads folder.

This widget is a .muslib file. If you have Adobe Muse 7 or above installed double clicking on the file will open Muse and install the widget.

Once installed you will find the items in the “Library” panel in the Muse design view.
With the library item folder open drag the items onto you design and you are 
ready to go.

The library item will also install a set of colour chips and Graphic, Paragraph and possibly Character styles depending on which widget this is.

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