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Mobile+ Lite

Add custom iPhone icons and web app code

Add custom iPhone icons and web app code

Mobile+ Lite adds some useful code to your mobile sites that do the following:
Firstly, the icon. This is the icon that will be used when an iOS device user adds your page to their homescreen.
Create a square .PNG graphic and add it to to the files for upload in your Muse project. In the Meta+ tools enter the name of the file into the box and this will add the correct code to the code in your site. Note that it makes sense to call the icon file “icon_iphone.png” if possible.
Next are two options that will make your mobile site act more like a full screen web app once the user has added your site to their homescreen and then clicked on the icon to open the website. Brought to you by museGrid.com.



Please find the .mulib file in your Downloads folder. With Muse open, double-click on the file and it will open and install to your Library directory. The widget is now ready to be dropped into your project.

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