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DissolveMaster™ -- The Ultimate Dissolve Transition Plugin for Your Premiere Pro Projects, by Pixelan

DissolveMaster™ -- The Ultimate Dissolve Transition Plugin for Your Premiere Pro Projects, by Pixelan


Standard cross-dissolves, additive-dissolves, and the simple film dissolve transitions in Premiere Pro do not provide adjustability or customization to achieve exactly the look you desire that best relates to your clip content. But now there is an affordable way to get complete creative control: DissolveMaster™.

DissolveMaster is a powerful hardware-accelerated video transitions plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. It is the ultimate tool to create dissolves and fades of all types including film dissolves, soft directional dissolves, blur dissolves, glow/flash dissolves and beautiful dissolve transitions never before available. It is a great enhancement even if you are a ”cuts and dissolves” editor, providing subtle ways to lead your audience’s eye within a scene using the unobtrusive, clean aesthetic of the dissolve transition.

DissolveMaster is also more than a video transitions tool -- it can organically animate/flow any video effect within a single clip, such as color changes, tonal adjustments, blurs, and other visual effects, even those from other third-party video effects plugins. Now you can easily reveal or fade effects in a way that relates visually to your scene's content rather than the standard approach of ramping a video effect's strength uniformly over an image.

Choose visually from nearly 500 professional presets, including your own saved favorite presets. All are customizable. DissolveMaster also includes dozens of powerful ”section” presets you can quickly click and mix into hundreds of fresh looks, and a large animated Effects Browser window to easily compare/choose presets and effect variations. Or click its Recent button to instantly access a recently applied transition.

You can also quickly build a fresh dissolve from scratch. Simply click in your image to set the dissolve’s start or end point. Easy! Then choose from many ways to flow the transition -- optical/film-like, via a hue or color range/channel, etc. Subtly mix in a geometry to influence the dissolve’s flow. Optionally set two levels of blend modes, ramp blurs or glows into the look, and customize the timing if desired. Done!

For additional details, FAQs, and cool examples movies, please visit our DissolveMaster page at http://www.pixelan.com/dissolvemaster/intro.htm Enjoy!



NOTE: This product is for the WINDOWS version of Premiere Pro CC, not the MAC version.

IMPORTANT: DissolveMaster is a hardware-accelerated plugin which uses your computer's video/graphics chip to accelerate its rendering. Therefore, a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card is required. A DirectX 10 compatible card with at least 1GB video memory is recommended for HD and high bit-depth editing.

1. Download our installer file, saving it to your drive. The installer acquired via the Creative Cloud Desktop App or Adobe Extension Manager will appear in your ”Downloads” folder.
2. Double-click our installer file to run it. In the install program, when prompted enter your name and the serial number provided with your Adobe purchase. Make sure there is not a blank space inadvertently added before/after your entry.
3. In the next install panel, use the Browse button if necessary to set the install path to your MAIN Premiere Pro folder, such as ”Adobe Premiere Pro CC”. This may be necessary if you have more than one version of Premiere installed, or Premiere is in a non-standard location.
4. Complete installation, then re-start Premiere Pro if it was open.

After installation, DissolveMaster will be located within Premiere Pro in the Video Transitions > Pixelan folder of the Effects Panel. To apply it in Premiere Pro:
1. Drag-and-drop DissolveMaster onto a cut point between two OVERLAPPED clips in the SAME timeline track, or onto the head or tail of a single non-overlapped clip.
2. In the Premiere Pro timeline, click the DissolveMaster transition you applied to activate it. Drag the transition's edge to adjust its duration as desired.
3. In the Effect Controls panel of Premiere Pro, click the Custom button for DissolveMaster. The DissolveMaster window will then appear.

For more help about each control in that window, plus cool tips and tutorials on how to apply and use DissolveMaster, please visit us at http://www.pixelan.com/dissolvemaster/help-adobe-premiere.htm

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