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FilmTouch 2 PRO

FilmTouch™ PRO -- Professional Film Look Effects Plugin With Hundreds of Fresh, Customizable Film Looks by Pixelan

FilmTouch™ PRO -- Professional Film Look Effects Plugin With Hundreds of Fresh, Customizable Film Looks by Pixelan


FilmTouch™ 2.0 PRO, unlike the ‘Lite’ version, is the best choice for prosumer and professional videographers, indie film makers, and all others who want even more variety and control over their video and film looks.
FilmTouch 2.0 PRO includes:

• GPU Hardware Acceleration
Our film looks look great AND they render extremely fast (near-real-time on many systems), depending on the speed of the GPU/video card on your computer. (Please see our Installation Notes for more details about hardware requirements.)

• 500+ Professional, Highly Aesthetic, USEFUL Film Look Presets
Terrific FRESH looks that go far beyond classic/historical film looks and are not simple variations. All are organized into sixteen real-world categories: Filmic Subtle, Filmic Moderate, Filmic Strong, Cool, Warm, Desaturate, Duotone Warm, Duotone Cool, Monochrome, Boosted, Low Light, Color Shift, Abstract, Other, Add Diffusion to Effect, and Add Vignette to Effect.

• Wide Range of Film Look Optimized Controls
Fine-tune color subtleties any way you can imagine -- or build a fresh film look from scratch. Unlike other film look plugins, FilmTouch is not primarily devoted to re-creating ”classic” film looks (although those are included too). Instead, we have focused on attractive enhancement -- providing film looks that can attractively enhance a wide range of video shooting situations and scenes that you may have. This approach is an art as much as a science and has taken many thousands of person-hours to successfully develop.

• Large, Visual Effects Browser
Use our Effects Browser to easily choose the best preset for your clips. No tiny thumbnails or name-only listings that make you guess. Instead you get LARGE previewing while interactively comparing presets. Mark and organize favorites per project/client, hide unwanted presets, etc. Use your mouse wheel or keyboard to roll through choices easily while keeping your eye on the visuals. Then double-click any preset to instantly apply it.

• Preserve in Source -- A Pixelan Exclusive Feature
FilmTouch Pro’s powerful but easy scene-based (not geometric) masking allows you to apply a film look but leave untouched an already “just right” color or luminance area -- such as someone’s face, a car or other subject, the sky, a logo's color, etc. Just click the area in your video image to preserve it!

• True Diffusion
FilmTouch Pro’s diffusion controls are worthy of a separate Pro plugin but are fully integrated. Independent blending, blur and glow controls together create extremely realistic and diverse diffusions. Or use our one-click diffusion presets to instantly apply diffusion to your film look.

• Unique Vignettes and Frame Edge Effects
Dark lens vignettes, white frame feathering, light leaks, edge defocus effects and more can be instantly added to any film look effect preset -- and are keyframable for strength, shape, size, position, and softness. You can even select which individual film look qualities to vignette or not.

• Section Presets -- Another Pixelan Exclusive Feature
Useful presets per section of controls -- not just overall effect presets -- is a HUGE productivity advantage. Why? Because with just a few clicks, you can mix and match section presets to create hundreds of compelling fresh film look variations!

For additional details, FAQs, and cool examples movies, please visit our FilmTouch page at http://www.pixelan.com/ce/intro.htm Enjoy!



NOTE: This product is for the WINDOWS version of Premiere Pro CC, not the MAC version.

IMPORTANT: FilmTouch is a hardware-accelerated plugin which uses your computer's video/graphics chip to accelerate its rendering. Therefore, a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card is required. A DirectX 10 compatible card with at least 1GB video memory is recommended for HD and high bit-depth editing.

1. Download our installer file, saving it to your drive. The installer acquired via the Creative Cloud Desktop App or Adobe Extension Manager will appear in your ”Downloads” folder.
2. Double-click our installer file to run it. In the install program, when prompted enter your name and the serial number provided with your Adobe purchase. Make sure there is not a blank space inadvertently added before/after your entry.
3. In the next install panel, use the Browse button if necessary to set the install path to your MAIN Premiere Pro folder, such as ”Adobe Premiere Pro CC”. This may be necessary if you have more than one version of Premiere installed, or Premiere is in a non-standard location.
4. Complete installation, then re-start Premiere Pro if it was open.

After Installation FilmTouch Pro will be located within Premiere Pro in the Video Effects > Pixelan folder of the Effect Panel. To apply it...
1. From the Effects window (Video Effects > Pixelan folder) of Premiere Pro, drag and drop FilmTouch Pro onto a clip. In the Effect Controls panel of Premiere, all FilmTouch Pro controls will then be directly available.
2. Click the blue ”Click here to load a preset...” button at the top of FilmTouch to open a large Effects Browser window to visually choose/compare FilmTouch Pro presets.

For more help about each control and tutorials on how to apply and use FilmTouch Pro, please visit us at http://www.pixelan.com/filmtouch/intro.htm

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