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Solid Muse Template

One-page Adobe Muse Template

One-page Adobe Muse Template


Template preview: http://www.musetemplatespro.com/preview/solid/index.html

Solid is a one page, beautifully designed business template for Adobe Muse. It has desktop and mobile layouts, so your website will look great on any device. The template includes a beautiful and interactive navigation menu, various composition and social widgets, beautiful fonts and design elements.

This template comes with all the preview images and Photoshop files. This will help you to make all the necessary changes much faster and easier.

*This template is also available as part of the Templates for Muse.



This version adds Muse CC 2015 compatibility.

1. Find Solid Template.zip file in your Downloads folder.
2. Unzip this file.
3. Open Solid Template folder and double-click the Muse file inside it to open the template with Adobe Muse.
4. If you have any questions, email us: support@musetemplatespro.com

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