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Export List (Win)

Export List Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (Windows)

Export List Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (Windows)


This Lightroom plug-in generates comprehensive reports in various formats (plain text, CVS, HTML, XML, etc.) using photos' metadata. The plugin operates in two modes: as a post-processing action for export and publish operations, and as an interactive inspector for selected photos.

Mac users: There is also an Export List Plugin for Mac available.



* Added German translations. Many thanks to Wernfried Domscheit and Joerg Knoerchen who contributed to this translation!
* Metadata presets: added a preset for the Big Note (by John Beardsworth) plugin's metadata.
* Fixed the error when processing photos that are not available, e.g. located on a disconnected external drive.
* Other minor fixes.

Creative Cloud Desktop App will use Extension Manager CC to download this product to your local Downloads folder on your computer as DropboxExportPlugin_2.9.2.exe. In Extension Manager you will see the product under ”Other” which simply means it has gone into your Downloads folder.

If you are having issues downloading the installer through the Extension Manager, visit http://alloyphoto.com/plugins/export-list/ and download the standalone installer.

Make sure to quit Lightroom before proceeding. Follow installation steps at http://alloyphoto.com/plugins/export-list/export-list-installation/ to correctly install and activate the product.

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