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Export List (Mac OS)

Export List Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (Mac OS)

Export List Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (Mac OS)


This Lightroom plug-in generates comprehensive reports in various formats (plain text, Excel, CVS, HTML, XML, etc.) using photos' metadata. The plugin operates in two modes: as a post-processing action for export and publish operations, and as an interactive inspector for selected photos.
Easily create contact sheets or approval sheets with embedded thumbnails!

Windows users: There is also an Export List Plugin for Windows available.



* Added German translations. Many thanks to Wernfried Domscheit and Joerg Knoerchen who contributed to this translation!
* Metadata presets: added a preset for the Big Note (by John Beardsworth) plugin's metadata.
* Fixed the error when processing photos that are not available, e.g. located on a disconnected external drive.
* Other minor fixes.

Adobe Extension manager will place the installer disk image (ExportListPlugin_3.9.1.dmg) in your Downloads folder and mount the drive. Once the disk image has been mounted, you will see a prompt to install the Dropbox Plugin package file. Click the package icon to proceed.

If you are having issues downloading the installer through the Extension Manager, visit http://alloyphoto.com/plugins/export-list/ and download the standalone installer.

Make sure to quit Lightroom before proceeding. Follow installation steps at http://alloyphoto.com/plugins/export-list/export-list-installation/ to correctly install and activate the product.

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