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Marker Comp Effect

Marker Comp Script by Pencil Pixels - Free

Marker Comp Script by Pencil Pixels - Free

Photoshop script that produces a marker comp effect. This Free effect crops to a 440x440 pixel sized image. Perfect size for producing marker comp panels, social media profiles or for web page use. Part of Pencil Pixels Bento Box series of scripts that produce Comic and Watercolor effects. Compatible with Photoshop CS through CS6 and CC. More information at http://pencilpixels.com/html/marker-bento.html



This Free Photoshop script opens a duplicate of your image and crops it to 440x440 pixels before generating the effect. There is no image watermark or timeout period.

If you have not specified a location for all your zip packages, the Photoshop script, when unzipped, is usually found in the same location as the zip file.

Once you have your image opened in Photoshop, the Script can be either used by selecting the File>> Scripts>> Browse... and select the script from the folder you've stored it in, or from File>> Scripts directly, if placed in your Presets/Scripts/ folder for your platform.

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