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MindGrammar Pro CC (monthly subscription)

English Grammar Checker with preflight rules

English Grammar Checker with preflight rules


MindGrammar Pro. Because spell checking isn't enough!

An English language grammar checker for Adobe InDesign. Works with four variants of English: USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. MindGrammar automatically underlines grammar errors in your document. Simply right click on the error to see grammar suggestions. MindGrammar quickly scans your document for common grammar mistakes!

MindGrammar Pro also includes Preflighting to automatically generate a list of grammar errors for the current selection or your entire document. MindGrammar Pro lists all grammar errors in the Preflight Panel. You can also generate a grammar error report for each document.

Configure MindGrammar Pro to check for over 30 categories of errors.

Subscription version. Contains plugins for InDesign CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019 and 2020. Mac, Win 32, and Win 64.

Key Features:

• MindGrammar grammar engine
• Mac OS X grammar engine
• Over 30 categories of grammar errors checked
• Ability to filter grammar errors by confidence level
• Preflight panel integration
• Export Preflight grammar error reports
• Define multiple preflight rules with separate grammar categories and confidence levels
• Print grammar error highlight underlining
• Include grammar error highlighting when exporting PDFs
• Scriptable via the GrammarCheck script event on the Paragraph object



MindGrammar Pro CC 2.5. Includes 2020 version of MindGrammar Pro. Adds scripting support to MindGrammar.

MindGrammar Pro features can be accessed from the 'Mind' menu in the InDesign menu bar.

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