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Fashion Actions for PS

Photo Actions for Adobe Photoshop / Fashion Collection

Photo Actions for Adobe Photoshop / Fashion Collection


Fashion photography often looks amazing with more dramatic editing. The secret of many of the world’s most prolific commercial & fashion photographers is that they are meticulous about the retouching process because they understand how important it is to their style. Each fashion and portrait photographer have their own style of art and color tone. Aside from good photography skill, these unique features was one of the important element to compliment their works and art...

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Improve Your Photography Skills with this pack of 175 fantastic Photo Actions for Adobe Photoshop!

Photo Actions for Photoshop / Fashion Collection includes 11 collections of development actions:

1. PERFECTA / Workflow Collection
4. NOIR / Monochrome Actions
11. IKON

Fashion photography clusters a large amount of different styles such as Cross process imitation, Black & White, Split toning, Lomography, Vintage, etc...

- Photoshop actions can be a big time saver, especially when you’re trying to add a specific effect to a photo and you’re not sure how to do it. In this collection you’ll find a wide variety of actions, from vintage effects to amazing color effects.

- Photoshop actions are perfect for novices to Photoshop simply because it allows you to apply multiple different photo effects to an image within a few seconds without having knowledge about the ins and outs of Photoshop.

- Photoshop actions can help you improve your workflow and perform complex techniques with the push of a button. In this collection, you’ll find the best Photoshop actions that you can use to speed up your graphics creation.

PERFECTA / Workflow Collection
Workflow Actions Collection allows you to create your own photo style! You can create an unlimited number of custom combinations for your images. All actions are layerable, mix and match them to your taste!

NOIR / Monochrome Actions
All photography was originally monochrome, or black-and-white. Even after color film was readily available, black-and-white photography continued to dominate for decades, due to its lower cost and its "classic" photographic look. It is important to note that some monochromatic pictures are not always pure blacks and whites, but also contain other hues depending on the process.
Some full color digital images are processed using a variety of techniques to create black and whites, and some manufacturers produce digital cameras that exclusively shoot monochrome.

Renaissance / Vintage Actions
Retro and vintage style never go out of style. For photographers, creating vintage effects in pictures or photographs can be achieved in many ways. One is through the use of certain filters while others apply the vintage effect in Photoshop. The easiest way to do this in Photoshop is through Photo Actions!
Create an antique or vintage design with an interesting coloring from any photograph.

Premier Actions
Color plays a major role in the story that a photograph has to tell, but sometimes the color that the camera captures isn’t exactly what we have in mind. This is where Photoshop can be a big help, and more specifically Photo Actions. With the click of a button actions can help us achieve time consuming effects in no time.

- The actions within the set load multiple layers allowing you to easily adjust the look of the photo after the action has run, delivering perfect results. Now you can easily add creative look to your photos.
- Step by step instructions are included explaining how to apply content
- Mac OS X and Windows compatible

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All actions were optimized for using with the latest Adobe Photoshop CC (2019) 20.0

Within Photoshop, click Window > Actions, then click the button on the top right of the Actions Panel to reveal Fashion Actions (Premier / Perfecta / Moderna ...etc).
The PDF preview album will be saved on Desktop.

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