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The duplicate finder for Adobe Lightroom.

The duplicate finder for Adobe Lightroom.

Teekesselchen is a fast duplicate finder plug-in for Adobe Lightroom using EXIF meta-data. It is open source (hosted on GitHub) and free of charge.



Release Notes

V1.8 released on 25th of January 2014
- Adds 4 new prefer rule settings for file names and paths.

V1.7 released on 2nd of January 2014
- Color labels can now be used without flag ”mark as rejected”. This should improve the
experience for al Lightroom 3.x users.

V1.6.2 released on 8th of September 2013
Bug fix:
- Lightroom 3.x throws an ”pickstatus” error. This is fixed.

V1.6.1 released on 27th of August 2013
Bug fix:
- Virtual copy bug fix and improved name matching by Michel de Nooij

- Supports DNG file format now

V1.6 released on 8th of August 2013
Bug fix:
- The prefer logic for marked photos was not consistent. This is fixed.

- Supports labels for a more organized presentation of the duplicates.
- Can now ignore photos with no caption date.
- Some scanners use a different metadata field. This field can now be used as alternative
- The prefer logic order can now be changed

V1.5 released on 30th of May 2013
- Supports now the order of how photos are marked as rejected. It is possible to prefer
photos in RAW format, by size and by rating.

V1.4 released on 2nd of May 2013
- Allows now the comparison of file size, name and type
- The capture time can now be deselected

V1.3 released on 12th of Apr 2013
Bug fix:
- Collection creation in combination with the clean up option caused an error. This is
- The ignore keywords checkbox was not recognized. This is fixed.

- Integrates now exiftool to get more details about the photos. Sequential shootings
tend to produce duplicates because of the time resolution based on seconds. Now
Teekesselchen can read data, which is not provided by Lightroom itself, e.g. the sub-second
or the sequence number.

V1.2 released on 3rd of Mar 2013
Bug fix:
- The option mark duplicates as rejected caused an error in Lighroom versions < 4.x

V1.1 released on 19th of Feb 2013
Bug fixes:
- Ignore keywords caused an execution error. This is fixed.
- The help link on the About tab referenced a wrong page. This is fixed.
- The summary page used the term smart folder. This has been changed to the right term
smart collection.

- Prior clean up of the duplicate smart collection. If activated this collection
shows duplicates from the last run only.

V1.0 released on 6th of Feb 2013
First version.

1. Extract the ZIP file from your Downloads folder and save it eleswhere, e.g. to your desktop
2. Start Lightroom
3. Click on File > Plug-in Manager in the menu
4. Click on the Add button in the lower left corner and select teekesselchen.lrplugin
6. Click on Done and your are done

Starting the plugin:
Go to a collection, e.g. All Photographs, and select the first photo. Then move the mouse to the top and select Library > Plug-In Extras from the menu. There you can click on Find Duplicates.

More Documentation:
Tutorial http://www.bungenstock.de/teekesselchen/doc/v1_1/en/tutorial.php
Plug-in http://www.bungenstock.de/teekesselchen/doc/v1_1/en/summary.php

Installers for OS X and Windows: