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Image Slider 17 Effect

Adobe Muse Image Slider with 17 transition effects.

Adobe Muse Image Slider with 17 transition effects.


This widget will help you to create an image slider for your website.

• 2 Muse Widgets, 5 Image Sliders & 3 Image Sliders
• 17 transition effects : 8 Slice effects, 5 Slide Effects, 4 Box effects
• Slider starts on DOM ready (DOMContentLoaded) instead of the delayed window onload
• Can set starting slide random/shuffle
• Supported by all major browsers:
IE 7.0+, Firefox 1.5+, Chrome 1.0+, Safari 3+, Opera 9.0+, Netscape 7.0+

• All slider images should have the same size, and the slider should be set to the size
• You can just use one slider on the page
• All configuration is on the widget option



Mokaku Image Slider 17 Effect
version 1.0.4
- upgrade for adobe muse cc 2017

- Ugrade to Version 3
- adding feature adding image directly from widget
- adding 8 Box Shadow Effect, shadow color, shadow opacity
- Adding Border Style, Border Color, Border Width
- remove sample widget
v.1.0.1 [17-07-2014]
- Fix Effect Slider Not Function
- Fix Nav Position
- Adding Sample & slider blank
- Adding User Guide Movie
v.1.0.0 [07-07-2014] - First Realease

Please find the 'Mokaku Image Slider .mulib'. Double-click the file to load it into Muse.

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