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HTML5 PHP File Upload

HTML5 PHP File Upload is a Dreamweaver extension designed to allow users to upload files to your web server.

HTML5 PHP File Upload is a Dreamweaver extension designed to allow users to upload files to your web server.


-Upload multiple files at the same time:
Select multiple files from the ”Browse for files” dialog.

-Drag and Drop capability:
Users can drag multiple files from desktop directly into the web browser.

-Progress and error tracking:
A progress bar is displayed for each file. If a file fails to upload, an error message is displayed for that particular file. You will have choice of a success message or redirect to a URL once all the files have been uploaded successfully.

-Thumbnail Preview:
Interface will display file names as well as thumbnails of the selected files (for image file types) or file extension in place of thumbnail (for other types).

-Restrict file size and type (allowed file extensions):
You will be able to restrict the size and type of uploaded files. Users will not be able to select files of disallowed size and type.

-Resizing and file size compression:
If the uploaded files are images (JPEG format only) they can be resized and compressed. You can specify dimensions and the compression rate of the uploaded images. Thumbnails can be created for each of those images as well.

Uploaded files and thumbnails can be renamed by adding a prefix, suffix and/or a date stamp.

-Storing upload information in the database:
You can provide the ability to annotate each file by simply adding appropriate form fields (one or as many as you need) to the uploader interface in Dreamweaver. The entered data will be sent to the server for each file individually. Any of the fields can be set as ”required” and a user will not be able to upload the files unless the information is filled out. Dreamweaver Insert Record can be used to create a record for each uploaded file. User input can be validated using approach of your choice: HTML 5 validation, Spry validation or Dreamweaver Validate Form Behavior.



This update fixes an issue of not being able to add information to a file that has single quote (”apostrophes”) in the file name.

HTML5 PHP File Upload Server Object can be accessed from the PHP tab on the Insert Panel within Dreamweaver.

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