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Mighty Hover

Powerful hover widget

Powerful hover widget


Fully customizable, and easy to work with.

By putting the Mighty Hover on multiple images, the hover moves from one image to another.


1 - 19 different icons
2 - Resizable in Muse
3 - Works with muse Text panel
4 - Works with Muse widgets, such as Composition Widget, and State Button
5 - Customizable speed

Preview here: http://www.qooqee.com/widgets/mighty-hover-muse-widget.html



The mighty_hover.zip file will be available from your Downloads folder.

1. Drag a blank composition Widget from Widget library
2. Customize the Composition Widget
3. Drag/drop the Mighty Widget on your controllers.
4. Use the widget option to get the hover effect you want, and you are all set.

(Watch the preview for the visual instruction: http://www.qooqee.com/widgets/mighty-hover-muse-widget.html)

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