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Flash character manager

Flash character manager


CharMan is the ultimate tool for organising your character builds in Adobe Flash. With this tool, you’ll be able to have a graphical representation of all your characters and add them into the scene with the click of a button!

The system works like this: You build your character, give it a name and then add it to CharMan. It will save it to the current depot, you can think of depots as a way to organize projects, for example, if you are working with ”Show1” you will only see characters from that, once the character is added it gets saved to the depot folder and a png thumbnail generated (you can set where these pngs get saved), from that, you can edit the character whenever you want and add it to any scene with the press of a button, the tool has been built in mind for studios, so if you work in one it might come in handy!



Fixed a lot of critical errors.

After installation, the CharMan panel will be located in Windows -> Extensions menu in Flash.