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5 Star Rating System (with Flash)

A very easy to use 5 star rating system for your website.

A very easy to use 5 star rating system for your website.

This is very easy to use 5 star rating system for your website. You can use this script so that users can vote for your products, music, videos, pictures or any other listings you have on your website, so that the other users will know how good a certain listing is by the score (stars) and the number of votes.



It is very easy to use, you will get all the source files, however you will only need 2 files for this system: rating.swf and rating.php, all you have to do is insert the swf in your page just like any other flash content and have the rating.php in same directory.

Detailed installation instructions:

This product comes in two versions; both of them work without a database. In one version, the ID of the item to vote is given by HTML code and in the other version, the ID is given by the file name of the SWF and PHP file.

When uploading the ratings files on server, do not place them directly in site root. A path like site.com/ratings/ is a good location to place the SWF and PHP file.
Also... make the folder writable, permission code 777 on most servers, set the right permission code on the folder so that the ratings can save data there.
If you don't know how to set permission codes (how to make the folder writable) then please ask your host. On most cases it can be done by FTP. In Internet Explorer for example, you left click the folder and chose ”properties” and then check the boxes for permissions, checking all boxes means ”777” and folder will be writable.

ID by HTML code

If you use this version than you have to upload the SWF and PHP file on the server, after this in HTML code you have to modify the code for your SWF file and after the path to SWF file you have to add the ID like this:

In the above sample the item to rate is called 10542. You can have as many items as you like on your page, all voting systems will link to the same SWF file and all you have to do is give another ID number or name like above (id=xxxxx) in the HTML code.

- You have to add the ID after the path to SWF file in 2 places, in the ”param” tag and a bit lower in the ”embed” tag.
- Id has to be written as ”id” and not as ”ID”, it has to be lower case.

ID by file name

This version of the rating system allows you to have different items to be rated without modifying HTML code but by duplicating the 2 files, the PHP and the SWF (usually rating.SWF and rating.PHP), you can duplicate these files and give them unique names like this:




After you duplicated and renamed the files as above than you have to insert each SWF file in your HTML page next to your videos or items you want to be rated.

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