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Design Widgets© - Pattern Brush Series 053

5 Customized Pattern Brushes - 15 Graphic Styles

5 Customized Pattern Brushes - 15 Graphic Styles

5 customized Pattern Brushes with 15 pre-created Illustrator Graphic Styles. All pattern brushes and graphic styles are editable. You can modify the color, stroke weight, or any Appearance to create your own or save the original, duplicate the pattern brush and create infinite variations.



Part of the Photosynthesis Design Widgets collection of designer patterns, pattern brushes, styles, objects and actions that helps you build a library of design elements available in-application for use in any design or illustration project.

The Adobe Illustrator file will be available from your Downloads folder and contains all of the Pattern Brushes and Graphic Styles. Once the file is opened you can edit the brushes or duplicate and create your own. You can save the Brushes into the default Brushes folder to be available from the Save Brush Library command in the Brushes panel and Save As in the User Defined Brushes directory.