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Language Detection Toolkit

Tailor your content for multiple languages.

Tailor your content for multiple languages.


Localize user experience, serve customized content dynamically based on the user language. With Language Detection Toolkit for Dreamweaver you will be able to identify user browser main language and display content or redirect to the URL matching the language detected.
Multiple languages can be targeted at the same time.

Compatible with PHP (MySQL) and ASP (VBScript) server models only.



Access this extension from the Window -> Server Behaviors panel in Dreamweaver. Click the ”+” button in the top left corner of the panel and select ”Show based on Browser Language” or ”Browser Language Redirect”. (Please note that if Server Behaviours is not available in your copy of Dreamweaver, you can download it here: https://creative.adobe.com/addons/products/1315#.U9ust1aTApE)
Use ”Browser Language Redirect” to simply redirect to a page for a specific language or languages.

You can also select a portion on your page in Dreamweaver and use ”Show based on Browser Language” to hide it or display it only for certain languages.

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