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Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE is an Edge Enhancement filter

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE is an Edge Enhancement filter


Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE is an Edge Enhancement filter.

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE is a plugin that features novel algorithm to enhance and emphasize edges in video frames and images.
Unlike ”classic” sharpeners, Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE emphasizes the edges exclusively instead of increasing the contrast of the surrounding pixels.

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE is Multi CPU accelerated and compatible with Adobe After Effects CS5, CS6, CC & CC 2014.

Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE Features

✔ Enhance Edges Only
The user can set the width of Edges to be enhanced without affecting the edge surrounding.

✔ Preserve Saturation Mode
The filter will affect the Luminosity channel only, No color shifting.

✔ HDR Like Effect
Using large radius the user can achieve pseudo HDR effect.

✔ Intuitive & User Friendly
Easy and simple to use and get fabulous results.

✔ 32 Bit Color Depth Processing
All calculations are done in 32 Bit Floating Point per channel to avoid ”Histogram Distortion” and ”Color Posterization”.

✔ Fast and Focused Algorithm
Instant ”Live” results, predictable results.

✔ Native Built In Plug In
The algorithm is Native After Effects (C++) Plugin with Scripting support.

✔ Multi CPU & SSE + AVX
Using Multi CPU and vectorized code to leverage modern CPU architectures and speed up functionality.

✔ Wide Compatibility
Adobe After Effects CS5, CS6, CC & CC 2014 64 Bit.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 64 Bit.
OS X 10.7 and above.



Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE 2.0.002 Release Notes:
* Native After Effects plugin
* Greatly improved performance utilizing Multi Core CPU.

1. Close Adobe After Effects if it is running.
2. Unzip the file “Fixel EdgeHancer 2 AE 2.x.xxx.zip”.
3. Locate the folder by type (Windows / OS X).
+ Windows Users:
Copy the unzipped file ‘Fixel EdgeHancer 2.x.aex’ to folder
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS#\Support Files\Plug-ins\
+ Mac Users:
Copy the unzipped file ‘Fixel EdgeHancer 2.x.plugin’ to folder
Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5/Plugins
+ Fixel Algorithms Folder:
Any previous 2.x versions should be removed from the
installation folder prior to installing new version.
User is advised to create a sub folder named ‘Fixel Algorithms’.

Using the Filter:
1. Launch Adobe After Effects.
2. Open After Effects Project.
3. Open Fixel Algorithms Category in the Filter Panel.
4. Double click Fixel EdgeHancer 2.

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