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Self Version Control

All historical versions within one .indd file

All historical versions within one .indd file


Managing the versions of documents locally in the efficient way.

* An introduction video - http://youtu.be/QtVY6nBQrTg?a .

* This plug-in is designed to simplify the version control for a single InDesign document locally. It's kind of a document history manager.

* It works offline.

* Backup the current document with one click.

* It stores all versions inside one ”master” .indd file. Transport one .indd file, all versions are attached in it.

* After the first usage, it will assign the shortcut key ”Shift+Alt+S” on Windows or ”Ctrl+Shift+S” on Mac OS X for the Self Version Control panel.

* Please contact eric.dwkj@gmail.com for any question.



Latest InDesign CC2022 certification

After the installation, the panel can be found from InDesign menu [Windows -> Self Version Ctrl]

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