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Reflections for Adobe Photoshop

Create various reflection effects

Create various reflection effects

The 2022.0 version contains 13 free actions or Adobe Photoshop:

• The 2 ”Water Reflection” actions creates two different kinds of water reflections of your photos. You can customize an range of parameters, such as the size of the ripples, the water hue, the background sky, etc.
• The 3 ”Classic Reflection” actions create classic reflection effects, with the photo seen from 3 different angles (front, left, right). You can modify the size of the reflection, the size and color of the photo border; you can apply two different backgrounds (solid color or gradient fill).
• The 4th action lets you create reflections of images with transparent areas.
• The ”Trio” action creates a PSD image that contains 3 square photos arranged in different angles.
• The 2 ”Leaning” actions create a scene of a photo leaning against a wall.
• The 2 ”Wall Corner” actions create a scene with two photos (landscape or portrait) leaning against the 2 sides of a wall corner.
• The ”6 folds” action creates a folding image effect and adds a nice reflection.
• The ”Triptych Reflection” turns your photo into a triptych and adds a reflection.

The actions make extensive use of smart objects, smart filters, and adjustment layers.

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Documentation and Support:
• To find out how to use the ”Water Reflection” and ”Wall Reflection” effects, visit this page: https://www.panosfx.com/documentation-freebies/using-the-reflections-actions

• You may contact us at info@panosfx.com if you need any help installing/using the files, or if you have any questions.



Contains the new ”Water Reflections with Sky” effects

A directory named ”REFLECTIONS-by-PanosFX” will be created in your ”Downloads” folder
immediately after you download the extension from the Creative Cloud Exchange.
It contains the add-on files:
• the Photoshop actions file: ”REFLECTIONS by PanosFX.atn”.
• The two PSD files, named ”MAP-1 (water).psd” and ”MAP-2 (water).psd”, which will be used to create the water reflection effects.

To use the extension, you need to load the ”REFLECTIONS by
PanosFX.atn” file in Adobe Photoshop. The easiest way is using the Actions
1. Select Window > Actions from Photoshop's main menu to
show the Actions panel.
2. Click the menu button on the panel's upper right corner and
select ”Load Actions” from the flyout menu.
3. Navigate to your ”Downloads/REFLECTIONS-by-PanosFX” folder and load the
”REFLECTIONS by PanosFX.atn” file in Photoshop.

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