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Resume Web Theme

Personal Resume Muse Theme

Personal Resume Muse Theme

Demo: http://musefree.com/demo/themes/02/index.html
You can use this theme to create a personal resume page.

Clean layered file, built in Muse CC
Anchor Tags
Contact Form
Parallax Scrolling Effect
Lightbox Photo Gallery

After installation, you can find PersonalResumeAdobeMuseTheme.zip file in your computer's Downloads folder. See the 'Where to Find it' tab for more information.

Read about the license agreement/terms of use here: http://musefree.com/license/



1. Find the template file in your Downloads folder: PersonalResumeAdobeMuseTheme.zip
2. Unzip this file.
3. Choose the template and double-click the Muse file to open it with Adobe Muse.
4. If you have any questions, email us: muse@musefree.com

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