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B&W Matte Portrait Lightroom Preset

B&W Matte Portrait Lightroom Preset

B&W Matte Portrait Lightroom Preset

The B&W Matte Portrait Lightroom Preset is also part of the ”Portrait Lightroom Presets & Brushes” bundle:

This Preset works with Adobe Lightroom version 4 & 5. It allows you to adjust your favourite photographs (RAW and JPG) in a click and gives them a professional look.

Make sure the Adobe Creative Cloud is active, you are logged in and syncing is set to automatic. The presets will be downloaded to your computer's Downloads folder. See the 'Where to find it' tab for more installation instructions.



Make sure you have Adobe's Creative Cloud desktop App (free) installed, log in and sync before clicking the download button. If you experience problems acquiring the product please reboot your computer then re-check your Downloads folder. You can contact me at alwiDesign.photography@gmail.com

After installation, the ZIP file (PortraitMatteBWStrongbyalwiDesignLR4LR5.zip) containing the LR preset will be available from your computer's Downloads folder.

1. Open Lightroom and click Lightroom then Preferences on a Mac. On a PC, open Lightroom and click on Edit at the top.
2. Go to Preferences and click it

3. The window that pulls up will show 6 different tabs. Click on Presets and open the box called Show Lightroom Presets Folder...

4. A new window pulls up. Double click on Lightroom then double click on Develop Preset(s)
5. Copy the content of the unzipped files you just downloaded into the folder Develop Presets. That’s it. Restart Lightroom and the Presets are available.

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