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Photoshop PNG Exporter

The professional PNG assets generator plugin for Photoshop.

The professional PNG assets generator plugin for Photoshop.


PNG Hero is a Professional Photoshop Plugin for Web Designers.

PNG Hero exports your PSD layers & groups to PNG & JPEG files within seconds, and will compress the PNG and JPEG image automatically, making the reduction of file size significant (often as much as 70%).


One-Click PNG Export
You select layers or layer groups, hit Export button, and your assets are generated in the target folder. Tons of time saved!

Compress PNG & JPG automatically
PNG Hero compresses PNG and JPEG images automatically when you hit the Export button.

Batch Export Layers & Groups
Multiple layers and groups can be merged and exported as one single file, or exported as a series of individual files.

Scale to @1x & @2x automatically!
Enabling the @1x or @2x scale option will help you with scaling and renaming image files automatically.

Trim Layers by Bounds
Icons, for example, may be required to stay the same size sometimes. Use this option to specify a new size to keep them neat!

Fast, Lightweight, HTML5...
Built on the top of Photoshop CC technology, and that's why this plugin only supports Photoshop CC (& 2014). The performance and user experience is the best.

Support Policy:

View our detailed support policy on our website: http://www.layerhero.com/support/lifetime-support-policy/

Drop us a line to support@layerhero.com and we will reply within 1 business day.

Or you can tweet @layerheroteam if you have any questions.



Supports Photoshop CC 2015

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions to find MyExtension

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