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Slideshow Transition Pack 1

5 new transition types for native Muse slideshows.

5 new transition types for native Muse slideshows.

NOTE: This overrides the default ”Fade” transition type. To use, place the widget on the page, and then set your Muse widget to the Fade transition. Only for Slideshows, not for Composition widgets.

5 brand new transition styles for native Muse slideshows. The new transitions include:
* Blinds
* Tiles
* Grow
* Shrink
* Newspaper

To use, place the transition widget of your choice on the page, and set any Muse slideshows on that page to the ”Fade” transition. The new transition will take over, and use the same parameters the native transitions would use including transition time, and resume after.

This works for all of Muse's native slideshow widgets including lightbox and fullscreen style.

See a demo of each of these transition types live at http://widgets.mu/se/SlideshowTransitions1/demo/ and for any assistance, simply tweet @WidgetsMu for support.



Fixed race condition with tile transition type on Safari

Locate the Slideshow Transitions Pack 1.mulib file in your downloads folder and double click it. Within Muse, it should be added to your library panel, which can be viewed from Window > Library. Drag the transition type you want to use onto the page, and set all slideshow widgets you would like to use that for to the transition type ”Fade”.

If you hare experiencing problems, please contact me at: andrew.hushbeck@imgineme.com

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