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Scroll Wheel Anchors

Set the mouse scroll wheel to navigate between anchors.

Set the mouse scroll wheel to navigate between anchors.

This add-on changes the behavior of the mouse scroll wheel so that, instead of simply scrolling a bit at a time, every scroll hops between anchors. You can also choose to exclude certain anchors from the mouse wheel, and include a ”cooldown” period to prevent multiple scrolls from occurring with one spin of the scroll wheel.

See a demo of the widget live at http://widgets.mu/se/ScrollWheelAnchors/demo/ and for any assistance, simply tweet @WidgetsMu for support.



Fixed issue with horizontal option not working properly
Fixed rare rounding issue on some browsers and some resolutions

Locate the Scroll Wheel Anchors.mulib file in your Downloads folder and double click it. Within Muse, it should be added to your library panel, which can be viewed from Window > Library. Drag the widget onto the page, and set up your anchors in the right locations.

If you are experiencing problems, please contact me at: andrew@widgets.mu

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