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Protect INDD

Secure your InDesign documents with a password.

Secure your InDesign documents with a password.


With ProtectINDD plug-in, you can lock your InDesign documents with a password.
The plug-in works totally offline, it doesn't collect any information and doesn't send any thing out of your computer.

1. Protect a document with a password

This function EXPORTS a copy of current document with password-protection. The password is not set or stored in your document directly. That will keep the original document absolute clean without any change.

- Open the document you want to protect in InDesign.
- Choose 'ProtectINDD > Export with Password'.
- Choose a ProtectINDD preset and click Start button.

2. Open a password-protected document

- Open the protected document with InDesign.
- On the Enter Password dialog, input the correct password.
- Click Unprotect It button.

As soon as a protected document is unlocked with the correct password, the password is cleared and the document is not in protection anymore.

3. Define a preset

You can edit a ProtectINDD preset, duplicate it, save it to disk and load it from a file.

- Choose ProtectINDD > Presets. Click New button.
- Type a meaningful name and enter a password.
- Choose a target folder to store the protected files. Click OK.

Make sure that you always give yourself a password hint and a password easy to be remembered. If you forget your password, Adobe and ProtectINDD can't help you reset it.

4. Batch processing

You can specify a source folder, ProtectINDD protects all .indd files in that folder automatically. You don't have to open those documents one by one.

- Choose ProtectINDD > Export with Password.
- Choose a preset and click export All .indd files from source folder.
- Specify the source folder that has InDesign .indd files you want to protect.
- If you want to include the subfolders or suppress overwrite confirmation, choose the proper options.
- Click Start button.


1. How other people can open it when I send a document protected by ProtectINDD to them? Do they have to purchase ProtectINDD since it is not free?

A: They don't have to make the purchase. They can install the free plug-in UnprotectINDD to open the password-protected documents created by ProtectINDD. Of course for those who already have ProtectINDD, they don't need to install UnprotectINDD anymore.

UnprotectINDD can be found at

2. Why ProtectINDD menu doesn't show up in InDesign after the purchase in Adobe Exchange?

A: ProtectINDD works fine together with Creative Cloud application. If you have any trouble with the installation, please refer to following documentation for help.

- Find solutions for common installation issues with Creative Cloud app extensions:

- Install extensions and add-ons for Adobe apps:

3. What if I want to clear the password of protected documents?

A: Just open the protected document with correct password, the password would be cleared.


1. To the documents with password-protection, the password is one time effective. That means once the protected document is opened with the correct password, the password is cleared and the document is not in protection anymore. Perform the protect process again if you want to protect it.

2. When exporting with a password, the original document will be saved as InDesign Markup (.idml) format. If your documents rely on the binary formats (.indd, .indt) and cannot be saved as .idml format, don't use this plug-in.


UnprotectINDD is the lite version of ProtectINDD and it is totally free. It has the same ability to open protected documents, but it has limits with protecting documents.

- You can install it to get a free trial and you will know how the password-protection works.
- When you send a password-protected document to anyone who doesn't have ProtectINDD, it would be convenient to install this free plug-in to open it.

Contact: ProtectINDD@gmail.com



Latest InDesign CC2020 certification

After the installation, 'Protect INDD' will appear in InDesign menu

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