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Protect INDD

Keep in safe when working on important documents. Especially during telework period.

Keep in safe when working on important documents. Especially during telework period.


This plug-in protects InDesign documents with passwords.

Introducing Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCiZPDAm1sY

1. Export with Password
To set a password to the current document in InDesign:

2. Open a Password-protected Document
The password will be cleared once the incorrect is inputted.

For those who do not have ProtectINDD and need to open password-protected
documents, please install the free plug-in UnprotectINDD from:

3. Export from Folder
Set passwords to all InDesign files in a folder in batch.

4. Preferences
Set default password and default store folder.

5. Customize Prompt Document
- The prompt document is the document that will be opened when an incorrect password was used, or no proper plug-in was installed.
- The prompt document can be customized.

6. UnprotectINDD
UnprotectINDD is a free plug-in.
That plug-in is used to open the password-protected documents for anyone does not have ProtectINDD.
It also can set passwords to documents which have 2 pages at most.
Feel free to take a try with it.

7. Contact

8. Change Logs
Improve user experience
Fancy prompt document
support InDesign CC 2020 (version 15)
Add local help documentation
Customized prompt document
Remove files for legacy versions of InDesign
Support InDesign CC 2019
Bug fixes



price change

After the installation, a menu 'ProtectINDD' will appear in InDesign menu bar.

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