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Facebook Preview

Add Facebook Preview metadata to your pages with confidence (WYSISYG style).

Add Facebook Preview metadata to your pages with confidence (WYSISYG style).


Working from within the Muse 'Design' section add all the relevant information quickly and easily to make the Facebook Preview, how you like to see it.

This widget has been made to be simple and easy to use.

The widget will allow images from both the upload and pages area. It checks image size and ratio, and warns when png to jpg conversion has occurred.

Analytics are recorded on usage to further develop the widget. These analytics can be turned off at any time through the configuration page.

Product Information page & Youtube Instructions: http://muse.docand.com/facebook-preview.html



MUSE 2014.3 allows the correct referencing of an image file. With this modification to Adobe MUSE, allows a much cleaner inclusion of images.

Images are now selected using a native MUSE function. Allowing for cleaner and faster webpages.

Installation Instructions

** Requires MUSE 2014.3

The mulib file will be available in your Downloads folder called 'DOCAND Facebook Preview v1.3.4 (MUSE 2014.3 and above).mulib'.

Double click on the file to install it into Muse.

The library ”DOCAND Facebook Preview v1.3.4 (MUSE 2014.3 and above)” should now be visible in the Adobe Muse ”Design” Library Window.

Drag & Drop the widget to the left side of you page.

Clicking on the blue arrow allows the entry of the following information to be used by Facebook in its headings and descriptions:

1) Site URL
2) Page Tile
3) Page Type
4) Description
5) Image

The Site URL has to be correct for Facebook to pick up the correct details. The widget should be configured with your local site name before local images will be visible. Switch between Normal & Mini views to suit your needs.

Additional Help on the ”DOCAND Facebook Preview Widget” and links to training video's can be found at http://muse.docand.com/facebook-preview.html

Additional help with MULIB download can be found at http://muse.docand.com/installing-a-mulib.html