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User Experience Design Toolkit

User Experience Design Toolkit includes various artifacts for creating wireframes and documenting product requirements

User Experience Design Toolkit includes various artifacts for creating wireframes and documenting product requirements


This toolkit helps User Experience Professionals design and communicate their designs and get a grip on the overall product requirement. The artifacts provided here helps individual make appealing wireframes, design documents and manage their designs effectively.

This toolkit is developed by it’s Author with years of consulting experience while leading some of the world biggest digital transformation. This toolkit (and approach involved) has led managing end-to-end user experience requirements for digital transformation as well as new product development. With this toolkit, UX professionals and product managers get on top of managing and communicating requirements.

This toolkit is also developed around the methodology of Lean User Experience Principles. This kit can help you run the UX processes conforming to any enterprise needs, such as, Lean, Agile, iterative or any other Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It also leverages the modular design approach for creating scaleable product architecture.

Key Goals of this toolkit is —
▪ Making system appealing, usable and useful
▪ Developing modular, scalable product architecture
▪ Reducing development risk by providing validated design and requirements
▪ Making the outcome more predictable and adoptable by the user base
▪ Documenting & communicating vision and requirements to all players & stakeholders

Key benefit of using this toolkit involves —
▪ Non-technical - simple to understand
▪ Visual - easy to communicate
▪ Lean - better cost control
▪ Project Management - improved estimation
▪ Effective - manage product’s customization
▪ Iterative & collaborative development
▪ Traceable, version controlled to match software engineering methodologies

This Toolkit Includes:
▪ Consistent approach for creating and annotating deliverables
▪ Repeatable wireframe production based on the established grid and component system
▪ Modular component application across multiple pages
▪ Common visual vocabulary for documenting and communicating UX requirements
▪ Scalable templates and components that can evolve and grow over time

Design Document also includes:

10+ Sample Wireframes of high and low fidelity design (including Mobile & Responsive layout)
25+ Pages of design Documentation
5 Different Flows & Scenarios
50+ Unique Icons Library Items
25+ Library items

Two Document Formats:
1. Wireframes document that has the option to display only wireframes (Portrait Mode)
2. User Experience Document — UX Design & Requirement Document includes wires, annotations, change management, TOC, chapters, flows, pages, modules.



This is the first version of this product. I will be making the changes overtime, with collaboration with its users.

After downloading the Zip file, please bring the unzipped files to the folder location of your project. This unzipped folder contains all the files that is part of the UX Toolkit.
For more details, kindly follow instructions provided in the help guide -- How-to-Guide 1.0.pdf, that is also included in the downloaded package.