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Power Connections

Library of vector EPS images of power connections of the world.

Library of vector EPS images of power connections of the world.


With the demand for technical documentation covering a greater worldwide audience it is important to ensure any visual representations of local fittings are correct. This library contains 11 internationally recognised plug/socket combinations as well as many smaller power connectors and batteries which will ensure your work communicates in a clear and professional manner.
All parts are grouped, with thick and thin stroke line work and have a solid white fill in the background for easy placement.



This file will be downloaded into your computer's Downloads folder automatically after acquisition.

To begin with simply extract the .zip file to use the EPS file to a convenient and accessible place on your drive/disk. This product is intended as a 'library' of parts to be used primarily in Illustrator (Photoshop and InDesign will also open this file).

To use the Library open the file using Illustrator and then simply copy/paste or drag and drop the parts you need. They will be easy to select as all parts are individual groups. All parts include a white fill and thick and thin lines.

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