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PHP Social Network Login

This server behavior lets you insert a Facebook and/or Twitter LogIn link in your pages.

This server behavior lets you insert a Facebook and/or Twitter LogIn link in your pages.


The extension uses the server-to-server technology to verify the user authentication validity after the user is redirected to your site from Facebook and/or Twitter.

- Log-in
- Log-out (if need log-out also from Facebook site)
- Log-in on your site like standard Dreamweaver log-in behavior to be compatible with Dreamweaver restrict access behavior
- Return the collection of Facebook and/or Twitter user fields to show on your site Facebook and/or Twitter user info
- DataBase transaction so you can insert/update records on your server depending on log-in status between always/success/error

How is the workflow of this extension:
- The user clicks on the Facebook and/or Twitter login button or link in one of your pages
- The extension redirect the user on Facebook and/or Twitter site and the user must authenticate on Facebook and/or Twitter.
- After the user is authenticated Facebook and/or Twitter redirects back on your site with a security token in the query.string.
- The extension detects the return back from Facebook and/or Twitter and with a server-to-server request send the token to Facebook and/or Twitter and if the token is valid Facebook and/or Twitter return all the user info.
- With the user e-mail returned from Facebook or the screen-name returned from Twitter the extension checks on your database if the user is registered on your site and if the registration is valid, logs the user on your site creating the session ”MM_UserName” like the standard Dreamweaver log-in behavior so this log-in will have the same result as the user log-in on your page.



Add compatibility with HTML5 controls

DwZone menu under server behaviors menu

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