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PHP Form Mail

Advanced tool for emailing submitted form data.

Advanced tool for emailing submitted form data.


PEAR-driven PHP Form mail extension with the ability to connect to SMTP server. If PEAR is not installed on the server the extension will use the default PHP sendmail engine instead. This Server Behavior inserts PHP code for sending submitted form data to specified recipient(s). The code will automatically parse all form fields to include in the message body in the ”Field name: Field value” format. The list of supported parameters includes: Sender email - required. Recipient email - required. Message subject- required. Message body header. Parsed list of fields in the ”Field name: Field value” format. The fields will appear in the order they are presented in the form.

You can specify exceptions i.e. fields excluded from this list, such as Submit, Reset, Captcha, Subject, etc. Message body footer. Message format (HTML or Plain Text). Cc (Carbon copy address). Bcc (Blind carbon copy address). Success page URL. Error page URL. File attachment support.



This update includes a fix that might prevent the Help page from displaying properly in Internet Explorer 11
No changes have been made to the extension's functionality.

Access from the Server Behaviors panel.

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