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DMXzone Nivo Slider 3

The most awesome jQuery image slider

The most awesome jQuery image slider


Present your images in a fantastic slider with the choice of 16 unique transition effects. Supplied with many awesome CSS skins and great looking navigation control, the DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 can be customized through the CSS to fit any website design perfectly.

No more tweaking your images to have the right size and making thumbnails manually - the integrated DMXzone Resizer 2 comes to the rescue and with a single click it slices all the images to the right size, generates large size for the DMXzone Lightbox and small cropped size for thumbnails.

With the great integration with HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP you can dynamically supply the images for your slideshow directly from a database or public feed.



Version 3.0.1
Improved DMXzone Resizer for Mac OSX Yosemite, improved memory usage and speed
Greatly improved speed and reliability when running on the latest Dreamweaver 2014 64 bit
Improved compatibility with the old deprecated server behaviors and data bindings
Improved UI validation checks, specially for entering the Repeating Element first when using HTML5 Data Bindings
Improved UI layout
Minor bug fixed

You can access the extension from the DMXzone Object bar and then click the ”DMXzone Nivo Slider” icon or from the Insert/DMXzone Menu.

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