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Sellfy BuyNow (Pro)

Sell with ease using Sellfy and our fully customizable Buy Now button.

Sell with ease using Sellfy and our fully customizable Buy Now button.


Sellfy.com has quickly become a leader in ecommerce sales of digital products. Their interface is clean, simple and streamlined, and with our widget, can be easily incorporated into your Muse project. Simply create a free account at Sellfy.com, upload and create a product profile, then copy and paste the unique four-digit product code into our widget.

This PRO version of our Sellfy widget does everything the free version can do (which isn't much, we admit), plus it allows you to use your own artwork for the button, or keep it light and simple and use the widget to format a text button.

Either way, Muse designers have free reign to create a highly customized sales atmosphere right from the owner's website.

To check out our Sellfy BuyNow Button live preview, go to themes.mu/widgets.html.



Updated to Format 3 for Muse 2014.3 release
Bug fixes and improved stability
Streamlined widget's flyout panel
Added better tooltips when mousing over certain fields
Added file picker for choosing a custom button
Added option to automatically scale button image to size of container

For more info and live previews of this and other widgets, go to the product pages at musesupplyco.com

Go to your Downloads folder to find the mulib file, and double-click to install and enjoy.

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