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QR Code Pro (annual)

Create Vector QR Codes within Adobe Illustrator

Create Vector QR Codes within Adobe Illustrator


Scanova's QR Code Manager plugin allows you to create vector QR Codes within Illustrator.

Following types of QR Codes could be created.
1) Web Hyperlinks
2) Plain Text
3) Text Message
4) Email
5) Business Card

For installation instructions please refer to the ”Where to find it” section on this page.

For support/feature requests please mail as at support@scanova.io

**Please note that this add-on is an annual subscription add-on, costing $39.00 / year, with the first month free.**



2014-11-27: 2.3.2
Initial Version: Create QR Codes Extension

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Create QR Code or Object-> Generate QR Code to launch the plugin.

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