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Whiskey Flyer

Free Whiskey Flyer Template by FlyerHeroes.com

Free Whiskey Flyer Template by FlyerHeroes.com

Well, my love for the stuff has finally shone through, in the form of a free whiskey flyer template. It goes without saying (or at least I hope) that this flyer design is based on good ol’ tasty Jack Daniels; with coke anyone?

Whilst on the face of it, this template is rather simple. Black and white, no pictures or design elements and nothing but text – the design is so incredibly striking for the single reason of it’s instantly recognisable qualities.

For those of you who own bars or who’re designing on behalf of those who do, this flyer is absolutely perfect if you’re serving up Jack Daniels for your punters – hell, why not host a JD drink promotion?

With a flyer like this being sent out amongst the crowds, you’ll shift gallons of the stuff!

Fonts required:
Lobster 1.4
American Typwriter

Where can I get stock photos?

Girl sits in toilet

Toilet Fashion



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