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Placeholder FPO

All-purpose FPO widget for placeholding in Muse.

All-purpose FPO widget for placeholding in Muse.


Add this widget to your production process when you need a placeholder ”for position only.” The object text preview automatically updates with the dimensions of the container as you stretch it to size in Muse. Alternatively, you can enter your own label. Customize the color of the background and text, and you're all set until the real objects are ready to drop into place.



Updated to Format 3 for Muse 2014.3 release
Bug fixes and improved stability
Added color picker interface for choosing colors

For more info and live previews of this and other widgets, go to the product pages at musesupplyco.com

Go to your Downloads folder to find the mulib file, and double-click to install and enjoy.

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