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Advanced Form to Email ASP

Advanced Form to Email ASP allows you to automatically send data from a web form to an email address.

Advanced Form to Email ASP allows you to automatically send data from a web form to an email address.


Advanced Form to Email PHP,allows you to automatically send data from a web form to an email address. Highly flexible, it can be set up in a few clicks and represents the easiest method ever of processing online forms.

This item boasts the following features:

- Recognizes automatically and in real time all the fields present in a form, including if they were modified after applying the extension;

- Allows to specify an email address where the form data should be sent to, and addresses to which copies should be sent;

- Allows to use a fixed ”subject” or use one of the form fields as subject;

- Allows to use a fixed ”from” address for the messages sent, or use the ”from” field of the email of the user who filled in the form (Note: if your hosting provider allows it).

- Allows to exclude specific form fields from the message; this is useful, for example, in case of captcha fields or submit buttons;

- Optionally allows to send the email message as Plain Text, which minimizes the risk of being classified as spam;

- Allows to enable ”Debug” messages, to identify in a more direct way if any additional setup is needed to send emails;

- Allows to select which page should be displayed in case the email has been sent successfully (usually the ”thank you” page), and a page that should be displayed in case the email has not been sent through (usually providing the user with additional instructions);

- Allows to send an ”autoreply” message to the user with any text you like (usually thanking the user and acknowledging receipt of the form sent), optionally you can include a copy of the submitted data;

- Supports multiple methods of emailing, which can be auto-detected, and in case additonal setup is required, (ex. authentication or custom mail server address), these data can be entered;

- You can opt to include additional user info in the email that you will receive with the form data: IP address, country or used browser;

- Automatically processes file uploads and attaches them to the email;

- Based on Classic ASP scripts. Doesn't require external plug-ins;

- Complete integration from within the Dreamweaver menu: you can insert and update the setup directlty from your Dreamweaver;

- You can use it for any number of forms on your website.

NOTE / REQUIREMENTS: Your webserver must support ASP scripts.



v1.0.8 - Build for DW CS6

***Dreamweaver CC users: Please note this extension is only compatible with the CS6 version of Dreamweaver (version 12) - Please do not install this extension for Dreamweaver CC (version 13) - Adobe Exchange Team.***

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