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ASP Ajax Back Upload

Ajax Background Upload and Resize Images

Ajax Background Upload and Resize Images


With this Server Behavior You can upload files, trough a simple web form to Your site.
The extension upload the files in a separate frame without the page refresh because a refresh page, when the uploaded files has a big dimension, can have a white page display to the user and this is not very professional.
The extension work with Ajax to lock the form controls you have in the page to prevent a multiple form submit during the upload process like when the user click many times the submit button and use Ajax to update the progress bar to have a more usefull progress update. After the upload is finish you can setup if redirect on a new page or reset the form to be available for a new upload without need click on a new link and wait for a new page is displayed.
After the upload you can resize the uploaded images and make thumbnails.
This extension don't need any server components to upload files is a Pure Asp Upload but required a component installed on your server to resize images.

The supported component to resize image are: AspImage - AspSmartImage - AspJpeg - AspThumb - Vije Resize Image - ImgWriter - Aurigma Graphics Processor 2002 - Aurigma Graphics Mill 2.0 - Chestysoft csImage - Chestysoft csXImage - XnView - XnView 193 - ASP.NET

10 Behaviors in one extension:
- Insert Record and Upload Files (Upload the files and saving the other Field in DB)
- Update Record and Upload Files (Upload the files and saving the other Field in DB)
- Upload Files (Only Upload Files)
- Delete Record Upload (Delete the record and delete the corresponding files)
- Resize images and create thumbnails
- Round image angle
- Insert thumbnail
- Show region if image exist
- Show region if image not exist
- Crop Image
- Add watermark image (only for Asp.Net)
- Add watermark text (only for Asp.Net)

- No Limit Number of Uploaded file!
- This features are for each file
- Upload folder in 3 type (Site relative, Absolute and Dynamic)
- Auto create non-existent upload directories
- File name in 3 type (Original, New and Dynamic)
- Automatically remove invalid chars from filename
- Online Help
- Limit File Upload Extension
- Limit File Upload Size (Client side for images and Server side for all)
- Limit File With and Height Size for images(Client side)
- Save Uploaded File Name in your Database (Site Path and Name, Absolute Path and Name, Only Name)
- Save Uploaded File Size in your Database
- Insert one record with all the uploaded files or one record each uploaded files
- Delete existing File on Update
- Existing Files Conflict Handling
- Optional File Upload
- Uploading files and saving the rest of the fields in the database
- Progress Bar
- Report upload is send to redirect page

=== NOTE ===
You can combine the Resize Images and Make Thumbnails so after the images are uploaded on the server at the same time the images will be resized and the thumbnails are created.


Help and tutorials:

Live demo:

Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Ajax Upload
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Insert Record Upload

Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Update Record Upload
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Upload
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Delete Record Upload
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Round image angle
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Insert thumbnail
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Show region if image exist
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Show region if image not exist
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Crop Image
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Add Watermark (image)
Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Add Watermark (text)




Add compatibility with HTML5 controls

DwZone menu under server behaviors menu

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