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Redirect to another website with this widget.

Redirect to another website with this widget.

Download this widget for redirecting. Drag the widget to your website, change the settings and upload your website to the internet. You can change the time and the URL.

There is also an Edge Animate file with a countdown. Simply change the time to whatever you want and then publish the file.



When you downloaded the file, you can find it in your Downloads folder as ”Redirect.zip”. Open it and you will see 2 files. The mulib file is for Adobe Muse and the 'an' file is for Edge Animate.

The mulib file:
Open Adobe Muse and import the file or double click the item to open it in Adobe Muse. It will load into your Library panel. Change the settings and you're done.

The an file:
Open the file and change the number to anything you want. You can change the font, the color,... . When done you publish the file and drag the ”.oam” file to Adobe Muse. Publish your site and you're done.