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ASP MooFlow Gallery

This server behavior lets you create a photo gallery that looks like Apple's iTunes or Finders

This server behavior lets you create a photo gallery that looks like Apple's iTunes or Finders


MooFlow is an open source, cross browser coverflow type image gallery powered by MooTool JavaScript framework. MooFlow is packed with Flash-like features including automatically adding image reflections, full screen viewer and auto resize when a user changes window size.

Integrating MooFlow in your web page is fairly easy and you can easily customize the look and feel of your MooFlow image gallery using CSS. Several options are available which allow you to easily customize its features & functionality.

List of Features:
• Specify the images to be used in the gallery and their display order
• Get the image from: manually select / from folder at run-time / from DataBase
• Auto resize with changes in window dimensions
• Full screen option
• Scrolling with mouse wheel
• Scrolling with key input (left and right cursor)
• Autoplay presentation loop
• Reflections via JavaScript
• Configurable sliding speed
• Add a hyperlink to any image within the slideshow
• Add a specific target to the hyperlink
• Add a long and short text description for each image within the slideshow (HTML compatible)
• UI skinable via CSS (you can create your own skin)


Hep and tutorials:

Live demo:

Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> MooFlow Gallery >> MooFlow Gallery




Add compatibility with HTML5 controls

DwZone menu under server behaviors menu

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