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ASP Multiple File Uploader

With this Server Behavior you can upload multiple files to your site.

With this Server Behavior you can upload multiple files to your site.


With this Server Behavior you can upload multiple files to your site. After the upload, you can resize the uploaded images and make thumbnails.

This extension has 2 different behaviors one use a Flash upload tool and one use the new HTML 5 upload so it's possible browsing multiple files in once and with the HTML5 it's possible use the drag-and-drop feature to insert the files to upload.

This extension doesn't need any server components to upload files. It is a Pure Asp Upload but requires a component installed on your server to resize images.

The supported components to resize image are: AspImage - AspSmartImage - AspJpeg - AspThumb - ImgWriter - Aurigma Graphics Processor 2002 - Aurigma Graphics Mill 2.0 - Chestysoft csImage - Chestysoft csXImage - XnView - XnView 193 - ASP.NET

Feature list:
- No limits to the number of uploaded files with multi-selection of files!
- Upload 3 types of folders (Site relative, Absolute and Dynamic)
- Auto create non-existent upload directories
- Automatically remove invalid characters from file names
- Limit file upload extension
- Limit file upload size for each file and for the total upload process
- Save uploaded file path and size in your Database
- Insert one record with all the form field values and one record for each uploaded file in a separate table
- Existing files conflict handling (use unique name, overwrite and skip)
- Double progress bar one for each file and one for the total upload process
- Progress bar customizable
- Graphic layout customizable (you can create your own layout on duplicate and modify one of the existing layouts)
- Multilanguage support compatible with double-bytes charset like chinese, japanese, russian, etc.


Hep and tutorials:

Live demo:

Server Behaviors >> DwZone >> Multiple Upload >> Multiple Upload




Add compatibility with HTML5 controls

DwZone menu under server behaviors menu

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