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Facebook Toolkit Suite

The definitive suite of 15+ widgets to integrate Facebook into your Muse site.

The definitive suite of 15+ widgets to integrate Facebook into your Muse site.


Import this widget to add a toolkit of more than 15 individual widgets, ready for Facebook integration.

Use these widgets to engage your visitors:
* Activity Feeds and Recommendations Feeds show likes and recommendations
* Let visitors leave comments on your site and post those comments to their Facebook timelines.
* Embed your favorite Facebook posts on your site, including any customer testimonials, photos, quotes, articles, almost any public Facebook post.
* Use Facepile to show how popular your site is.
* Drop buttons on your page to encourage visitors to share content via Facebook: Follow, Send, Share and Like Buttons with a slew of options including counts and faces.
* Like Box Timeline Feed will be your new go-to resource for embedding a Facebook page's timeline onto your Muse site.
*Album Galleria will be your other new favorite, embedding Facebook photo albums onto your page.
* Enter your website information into the Meta Tags widget to create the perfect Facebook preview of your site.
* Our Logo Collections and Color Palette will help you style anything you need to match Facebook branding.

This suite of widgets is all you'll need to connect with your visitors.

PLUS, we will continue to monitor Facebook changes to make sure this toolkit will NOT become obsolete. Updates will also include any additional Facebook-related widgets.



Updated to Format 3 for Muse 2014.3 release
Bug fixes and improved stability
Added better tooltips when mousing over certain fields
Added file picker for choosing files to share or upload
Added color picker interface when choosing colors

For more info and live previews, go to the product page at musesupplyco.com

Go to your Downloads folder to find the mulib file, and double-click to install and enjoy.

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