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This is a panel to support responsive iPhone designing.

This is a panel to support responsive iPhone designing.

Target OS: Mac OSX

What is a Responsive Layout Designing?
Responsive Layout Designing (RLD) is a digital content production approach designed to help with crafting magazine layouts tailored for consumption across multiple screens. This goes a long way in helping us provide an optimal viewing experience that provides an easy reading and intuitive navigation experience, with a minimum need for resizing, panning or scrolling — across a wide range of devices (from Tablets to Smart Phones).

The Problem
The digital magazine industry is moving rapidly from Page Flippers to true interactive Magazine Apps on digital devices. The number of these devices is getting bigger and bigger; they come in different sizes, aspect ratios and PPIs (Resolutions).

This is where we face a challenge: How do we adapt content for all these devices keeping in mind the best possible way to render the content on the given device? Manually, it is a very tiresome, time consuming and boring process to refit the content to all these different devices individually.

The Solution
The solution is simple, Select the content in the InDesign file and set rules for the selected content for the target device. It is the same as Automatic Tagging in the sense that it relies on grouping and naming the content. These names act like the rules for the content for the target device.

1. Reduce the time and effort taken to refit the content for different devices.
2. Generate automatically tagged content for the target devices.

How it Works
The process of Responsive Layout Designing is divided into two stages:
Step 1: Grouping and Naming Content inside the InDesign document.
Step 2: Generating the Responsive Layout output using the Responsive Panel.



A GUI based approach for tagging the responsive files.

After installation go to ”Window->Extensions->Responsive”.

How to use it:

1. Open an Indesign document, select elements within the document, and click on the panel options. The appropriate name will be assigned to the selected document element.
2. After the naming process is complete, go to the second part of the Panel to generate desired output for one of the listed supported devices.

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