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A Panel to make manual tagging easier.

A Panel to make manual tagging easier.

Target OS: Mac OS X

The purpose of this tool is to provide the simplest possible way to tag the content in the InDesign document. By using this method, designers do not have to get into the intricacies of Mag+ Tagging Operations - an essential operation for the Mag+ platform.

The solution is completely based on the grouping and naming of the content inside the document, which is an integral part of designing team's routine work.

This tool also provides the platform for the analytics engine that will be provided to the clients by us.

1. Reduce the time and effort needed, compared to the former way of tagging.
2. Provide naming rules used by the Auto Tagging tool for use by the Analytics Dashboard Tool to process and render the data provided by the analytics engine (Flurry). This is the one of the most important deliverable to our clients.

How it Works:
The process of Automatic Tagging is divided into two steps:
Step 1: Grouping and Naming Content inside the Indesign document.
Step 2: Generating the Mag+ compatible output using Import Panel.



Support Added for Landscape Tagging.

After installation go to ”Window->Extensions->Tagging”.

How to use it:

1. Open an Indesign document, select elements within the document, and click on the panel options. The appropriate name will be assigned to the selected document element.
2. After the naming process is complete, go to the second part of the panel to generate the desired output for one of the listed supported devices.

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