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Snowflake Symbols

A set of snowflake symbols for Adobe Illustrator

A set of snowflake symbols for Adobe Illustrator


Snowflake symbols that can be used as motifs or with the Symbolism Toolset in Illustrator. Spray down with the Symbol Sprayer Tool and then use the other tools to affect size, rotation, opacity, etc. There are plain white symbols and also keylined symbols - one of which has an opacity mode that works realluy well with complimentary background gradients - try it against orange or purple or red!
Installed into the Symbols folder in the application presets folder.



Once unpacked by the Extension Manager, you can load the symbols by going to the Symbol Libraries icon at the bottom-left of the symbols panel. From the list, choose Other Library... and navigate to the Illustrator program folder. From there go into the Presets folder and en-US (or your language equivalent) and snowflakes.ai will be in the Symbols folder.

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