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Zoom images in your Muse websites with a mouse rollover.

Zoom images in your Muse websites with a mouse rollover.


Widget Preview: http://musetemplatespro.com/preview/imagezoom/index.html

This widget adds a zoom-in effect into your Muse websites. Any image that you choose will zoom on mouse rollover. A zoomed version of the image will appear next to the original image and you will be able to preview different areas of the zoomed images by moving your mouse on the original image. You will also be able to select whether to preview the zoomed image on the right, left, above, or below the original image.

*This widget is also available as part of the ”Widgets for Muse” Bundle: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.6812.html



1.3 version takes advantage of the latest Muse release and allows users to use this widget even easier and more efficiently.

Image Zoom.mulib file will be downloaded to your ”Downloads” folder. Double click this file to install widget into your Muse library.

Every time you want to use the widget, simply drag and drop it from the library panel in Muse onto your website.

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